Monday, December 8, 2014

Boston Moving Useful Tips

1. The search for a Moving service

There are many ways to find a Moving Company in Boston or any other state. But you should avoid websites that offer you a list of “pre-screened” Movers. they are there just for the payment, not for your  well being.
Usually middle man business are not there for you. Try whenever possible to find the mover yourself.
You can do it by searching online (but avoid the listing or directory websites), ask your coworkers or friends or even your neighbors, but usually a good option for a mover would be someone who has good references, a moving service that someone else used and did a good job.

2. Check background and ask for a moving estimate.

Make a list of at least three moving companies and then call them and ask them for a free moving estimate if possible. don’t just go for a quick estimate over the phone, it’s always best if the moving company takes the time to come to your house or apartment and check the amount of goods your household has, that will give them a better base to provide an estimate.
Ask for insurance, a professional mover should have insurance, and should have a license to move in state or out of state.
Also, it is a good idea to make a research online and check if they have any bad reviews. It would be a good idea to find our if they belong to The Better Business Bureau ( To find out if they are listed there, just to the site and do a search there.

4. When the mover comes to your house, apartment or office

Make sure it’s not a sub-contractor,  and also make sure they see everything you need to move, this is very important, because you don’t want them to find out later when your house goods are already in the  moving truck that what you show them is not exactly everything you need to move.
It’s important that you find out how many years of moving experience they have. The most experience they have the more comfortable and easy your moving it’s gonna be, and sometimes it could mean a little more affordable, since they can do the move quicker.

Make sure to collect as much information as possible from them:
1) The Movers company’s name, address and Tel numbers and email address, also check if they have a website, the more professional the website, the more information they have.
2)  The owner’s name or the business contact information.
3) This information is very important: USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) and MC (motor carrier) license numbers. 
Put all this information in a place where you can find it easily.       
It’s very important that you obtain a written estimate, which should contain the the quality and type of house good you are moving. Also important should be the new address where you are moving to. The date and hour  the move it’s gonna be made and some other important details concerning the move.
It’s also important that you understand what the insurance coverage is, or if you have valuable items, probably you should get additional coverage.
Last, but not least, make sure your written estimate is signed by you and the moving service company.
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